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Why Am I Still Hurting?

Why Am I Still Hurting?

Why Am I Still Hurting?

Many people have come to terms with the pain they have and have given up. Maybe stretching, or exercise classes or certain forms of therapy helped a little but nothing seems to give lasting relief. 

Most problems are caused by repetitive strain/overuse injuries or trauma. Small scale damage occurs over time to soft tissue structures (tendons, ligaments, joint capsules) causing the formation of scar tissue. This scarring then restricts muscular, ligament and joint motion and can cause stiffness, pain, tingling, numbness, weakness, etc. Unless the scarring is released and the tissue is restored to its normal function the problem will be left unresolved.

Resolving the Soft Tissue Problem

Our Physicians are trained to identify and correct soft tissue problem areas where congestive scar tissue has formed. By utilizing an effective patented approach called Active Release Technique (ART) our Doctors are able to fix problems quickly. The Doctor will apply a specific tension with their hand to the scar tissue while lengthening the soft tissue structure with motion. This specifically isolates and releases the scarring to restore movement and reduce pain. This is considered the Gold Standard in soft tissue treatment.

Resolving the Joint Problem

When a joint is not able to move through full range of motion, the surrounding joints will begin to compensate by moving excessively to make up the difference. This causes increased friction, irritation, pain and predisposes the body to further injury.  Our Physicians are trained to identify and restore joint motion by providing a safe gentle adjustment to correct the issue. This is one of the safest forms of treatments. 

Restoring Function

Many people falsely assert that they can simply exercise a problem away only to find out that the problem either does not change or becomes worse. It is imperative that the joint and soft tissue motion are corrected before they are rehabilitated or you can make the problem worse. After the problem is corrected, our rehabilitation specialist will carefully guide you through functional rehabilitation exercises to restore lost function. This form of care takes you beyond pain relief to restoration of function, injury prevention, and improved performance.


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