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Our Approach

Our Approach

Our Approach

Our goal at Northwest Spine & Sport is to get you out of pain and back to a functional life. Here's our approach broken down into five simple steps:

Step One: Schedule A Visit

If you believe you are in need of care or your family physician has referred you, please schedule a visit with us by filling out the "Schedule A Visit" form on this page or calling us at our office. We will contact you at the earliest opportunity to set up a visit.

Step Two: Get Evaluated

An exam will be performed by the Doctor to evaluate your presenting problem. The evaluation will include range of motion testing, orthopedic testing, and neurological testing. In subsequent visits a functional exam will also be performed by our personal trainer to assess strength, specific joint movements, and performance challenges to determine your ability to carry out specific job tasks or sport specific activities.

Step Three: Plan Treatment

When the cause of the problem is determined, the treatment plan will consist of chiropractic manipulation for joint restrictions, Active Release Soft Tissue Techniques (ART®) to break up and release scar tissue adhesions, and massage therapy to improve circulation and soft tissue flexibility. These treatments, when used together, unwind tension build up, restore mobility and reduce pain allowing the body to repair itself much quicker. Each of the treatment methods we use is very effective in isolation, but utilized in combination gives you faster, longer lasting results.

Step Four: Start Exercise

After the joint and soft tissue dysfunction has been improved or corrected, it is essential to rehabilitate the neuromuscular system with specifically directed functional exercises. These are taught in office and then prescribed as home care. Exercises usually consist of directional preference exercises, tissue stabilization activities, balance and proprioceptive exercises. This form of rehabilitating the motor system is focused on restoration of function, not merely pain relief. We also provide you with exercise videos in your email so you can review them as taught in our office and practice them at home.

Step Five: Complete Care

This modern approach to musculoskeletal care addresses the whole problem, by not only diagnosing an injury and decreasing pain, but also understanding the cause of the problem to prevent recurrences. The ultimate goal of your care is to improve physical performance capacity so you can handle on the job demands and activities of daily living. Once you achieve maximum therapeutic benefit you are released from care.

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