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"I have seen many chiropractors over the years and have a tremendous respect for many of them. I have been seeing Dr Ben Herron with ART after an accident and chose a new Chiropractor simply due to location. I live out here and didn't want to drive into Portland to see the ones I have been and really love the. The results have been surprising. I didn't think the 15 minute ART appointment could give so much relief. There is pain for the rest of the day immediately after the treatment, but then the next day I experience far less pain and greater mobility and each time I have a treatment, I can move more. Office is professionally run. This is an organized clinic that runs on time and the receptionist is very nice. Laid back and relaxed feeling. Definitely deserving of 5 stars and giving them a chance to help you feel better. And, the doctors are very focused and compassionate."

- R.H.

"I could barely move my right arm and was in pain when I first visited. After just a few visits with Dr Stauber the pain was gone and movement in the arm improved significantly. The PT is great. They offer online videos to help ensure you are doing the exercises correctly."

- S.L.

"I have been visiting chiropractors for years, trying to fix a lower back issue. I would be pain free for a few days but lasts because there was no long term solution. NW Spine and Sport is set up perfectly to fix the initial injury, then correct the behavior that brought it about, and they provide the knowledge and training to the patient so we can work to keep from re injuring ourselves. Dr Ben is super caring and knowledgeable, a trait which is shared by all the specialists at NW Spine and Sport. Thanks guys!"

- S.R.

"I highly recommend Northwest Spine and Sport. They assess you as an individual and treat the underlying issues not just the symptoms. Not only do they fix you up and get you feeling better but they teach you exercises to prevent future issues. The office staff is extremely friendly and they are always on time!"

- J.C.

"Excellent, professional, understanding staff. The receptionists are always friendly and prompt. Both doctors have wonderful bedside manners and treat me respectfully. The clinic offers on-site massages that have proven results for my healing. The personal trainer is very prepared and even emails my exercises to me in videos or diagrams. Really top-notch care!"

- A.G.

"I would like to share my confidence in the Northwest Spine and Sport Clinic in McMinnville, Oregon. Dr. Trevor Stauber was quick and professional to determine the cause of my moderate to severe pain in my left knee. After three adjustments with his active release procedures I was experiencing much more mobility and greatly reduced pain levels. At the age of 75 years it's a real relief to have as little pain as possible. KEEP UP THE PATIENT SATISFACTION DR. STAUBER.......MANY THANKS TO YOU"

- L.S.

"I would highly recommend NW Spine and Sport. I received two treatments from Dr. Stauber and he completely relieved my symptoms and gave me detailed information as to what was causing my pain. 5 stars!"

- D.H.

"With all aspects of therapy in one place and the quality of therapy is the best. I get to feel better and the massage, chiropractic and training work very well together."

- N.M.

"I would highly recommend NW Spine and Sport for anyone looking for treatment in the McMinnville area. I received a series of treatments from Dr. Stauber and found him to be thorough and effective throughout the course of my visits. He was very attentive when I attempted to describe my discomfort and was able to quickly and accurately diagnose the source of my pain. The techniques Dr. Stauber employed helped me to regain range of motion in my arm and put a stop the nagging pain I had endured for quite some time. Additionally, upon each visit I was greeted warmly by a receptionist and never had to wait past the designated time of my appointment. Overall I feel this business has knowledgeable professionals and a nice facility."

- C.C.

"Today's visit was great. I was very impressed with the doctor. Very gentle and listened to me."

- A.P.

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